Frequently Asked Questions

1. What expenses does the registration fee cover?

Answer: Registration fee covers the winter school 10 day sessions with tea/coffee and lunch. It also covers hiking day.

2. Does registration fee cover travel and accommodation?

Answer: Registration fee does not cover the cost for travel and accommodation. Winter School attendees have to cover these costs on their own.

3. For the applicants who received free registration, do they also get free travel and accommodation?

Answer: Free registration grant does not cover travel and accommodation. Unless travel/accommodation grant is explicitly mentioned, applicants who received free registration need to cover those costs on their own.

4. A large number of attendees of First Nepal Winter School received travel and accommodation grants. Why is there limited such grants this year?

Answer: NAAMII is a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to capacity building of youth of Nepal and democratization of AI. It is our continuous effort to make AI education as affordable and as accessible as possible. We have given free registration to a large number of accepted students this year. However, additional financial supports such as travel and accommodation grants is dependent on our sponsorship and funding situation every year. While it is our best effort to provide as much financial support to as many attendees as possible, as a new institution, we are bound by various financial and logistic constraints.